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When life gets your down.

When life gets you down, what do you do? How do you cope?

today has got me down.


the future, money, my wrists healing, this cold that won't go away.....and the list could go on.

these things have me down today.

What do I do?

These are things that I cannot control. And no amount of worrying is going to change that.

So, I can either waste the day away worry.....

Or, I can let it go to the one who already knows what I need, and is in control of it all.

I can trust him to provide money for my bills. i can trust him to continue to heal my wrist. I can trust him with my future job situations.

I can let all of it go, and Trust.

And I can be free to live in the now, and appreciate what i have. To enjoy a cup of coffee, and be thankful for the roof over my head and the loved ones around be who have be supporting me every step of this crazy journey.

Now, I'm free to live today.

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