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Why are we creative types plagued with so much more anxiety and self-doubt? Is that really the case?

Or do we just express it more because we are used to expressing our feelings in our pairings, or stories, or creations?

I have no training in how to write a musical.

I don’t have a degree in musical theatre writing.

I dont have any fancy awards in composing, or writing.

But I have a belief

A deep belief that I am supposed to do this.

It’s bigger then the fears, bigger then the insecurities.

Bigger then the doubt.

For it’s a truth. And things that are true cannot be shaken, no matter how are we try.

The truth in the happiness writing brings me, and the way my brain works. I see stories and characters, and emotions. This is my truth.

I was born to do this.

This entry comes from a place of feeling all those doubts and fears. I have been working a lot of other jobs trying to support myself financially. The tiredness sets in, you haven’t touched your writing in weeks. And you begin to question why you are writing in the first place.

For everything there is a season.

I have to remind myself I am only one person.

But my truth, that I was born to be a writer, still rings true.

No, I wasn’t born to be a writer:


That’s my truth. Whats yours?

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