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I write....

I write.

I write to express my feelings, my opinions.

Sometimes is hard to make sense of what we are feeling. To be able to just vomit onto a page, helps you make sense of everything going on in your head.

I write to say what I wish I could say out-loud.

Those conversations you wish you could relive, because you didn’t say what you really wanted to. Because you were afriad of what others might think. To be able to express those things on a page helps me. It helps me accept the past. It also helps me learn from it.

I write because I feel a story moving me deep inside.

They tug at me. The characters, their actions, their consequences. And I have to get them out.

There are many reasons why I write.

But at the end of the day I have to choose to.

I choose to write.

I write. Do you?

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